Tips for manifesting larger things.

Why does it seem as though the things we really want to manifest are so difficult and take forever - but the things we just don’t care about materialize instantly? Why do we get that wonderful parking spot; but not a new car to put it into?

I really do not believe that the Universe ‘gives’ us some things more easily than others, but that we are shaped by our limiting beliefs and attachments. I don’t know about you, but I am not attached to getting a perfect parking spot. Maybe some days I need that extra walk from the back of the lot!

The laws of creation are consistent, impersonal and immutable. They work the same all day, every day.  Our level of belief is pure with one creation, and not as pure and more attached with the other. We don’t have a lot of attachment for the “perfect parking spot”. There is a lot of attachment if we are working on a large manifestation, such as a new job, new partner, winning the lottery. Let’s look at some ways we can detach, and manifest some larger events and things in our lives.

1. Detach from the outcome. Use meditation and affirmations to help you release being attached to the outcome. If you are attached to the outcome, you are not in alignment vibrationally with your creation. This can feel like fear or anxiety. Make sure that you are at peace with whatever happens and be willing to receive your creation - as it is meant to be.

2. Be at peace with letting it go, too. If you are meant to receive this creation, so be it. But trust that if it is not meant for you, be at peace with that also. The Universe has a much larger view point of your life, all of those in it, and what is for the best. Know that all is well. This is different from the hopeless feeling of resignation. If you begin to feel negative or sad, use meditation and affirmations to help turn your feelings back over to peace.

3. Be willing to receive your manifestation. Receiving, when you are not used to it, can be just as hard as not receiving! Repeat to yourself that you are willing to have your desire fulfilled and have all that you want. You can use meditation, visualizations and affirmations about this to help you.

4. Remember to envision the big picture. Some of us just ask for vague things, such as “I want more money,” or “happier home life”. Meditate on what that would look like in your life; see it in your mind’s eye before you ask for it. Sometimes what we ask for is not what we may really want.

Another idea is to PAINT your manifestation in your mind’s eye; or better yet on a canvas! You don’t have to be a skilled artist; just ask for guidance from your guides, angels, whomever feels right for you, and begin to put down color and shapes. “See” your manifestation as it comes to life! Once done, put it up somewhere you can see it once or twice a day, and silently say to yourself; “That is what will be”. 

Much love to all of you!