Take the next step

Let’s Include a few more things...

Now that you have seen that you can manifest smaller things, you have the confidence to take the next step. It’s easy, but it’s a good idea is to be clear on exactly what, why, who wants it. Let’s begin with a few questions first!

1 - Ask yourself WHY. WHY are you seeking this? Are you trying to please someone else, or yourself? Is there a possibility that you are following someone else’s ideas of what you need, not your own? If you need to, take a minute and really think about WHY you want to manifest this. Your intentions must be clear, ethical and for the greater good. It just will not work otherwise.  

2 - Once you know why, then ask WHO. WHO is the voice that is asking? Is it really you or your parent, or your teenage self/child? Sometimes we hold onto old patterns and thoughts; such as “I want to be a doctor when I grow up”, when the reality becomes something very different as you get older. Take a minute and be sure that you are the WHO that is now doing the asking. 

3 - WHAT. Ask yourself WHAT are you really seeking, is it a soul mate, a new job, a more fulfilling career path? Your needs are always changing and evolving with time. Be sure that you are asking for something you need now, and can use for the future, not something from the past.

Let’s meditate about these 3 things this week, and next week we will work on your next steps! Stay tuned!