Start Small!


In order to understand and internalize the fact that you are in fact creating your own reality each minute, let’s start with some small, simple things that we can manifest. Are you getting ready to go the grocery store? Would you like a good parking spot? Do you want a phone call from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time? Would you like to begin finding change wherever you go such as quarters; dimes, nickels, and pennies?  

Here’s one way to start, but customize this with what resonates with you best!

First, ground yourself by putting both feet onto the floor of wherever you are. Visualize a white light traveling from the center of the earth, up though your spine, out the very top of your head, and upwards into infinity. As you are visualizing this, take deep breaths through your nose and exhale out your mouth. Don’t overly concern yourself with thinking about the breathing; just take about 3 - 6 deep breaths, then let your mind go blank for as long as you can. This may be short; 15 seconds; don't worry about that. It will get longer the more you work with this. When you feel yourself beginning to come back, state either out loud or silently your intention: such as “I will find the perfect parking space today at the grocery store. (or; I will hear get a phone call/text from that person today, or I will find change in odd places today, and don’t forget to make your own simple manifestations too if you don't like these examples; it’s fun!)

Next, see the light pulling up from the center of the earth and traveling up through your body, out the top/crown of your head, and into infinity.  ”See” your intention travel with it. Then let it go. Stop thinking about it (easier said than done, I know, but you will get there with practice)  and go on with your activities. Later, as you are driving up to the grocery store, “know” that your space will be there. Then, enjoy your shopping, talking to your friend, or finding coins!

Stay tuned for next week when we will be doing a bit more manifesting! Practice this week and have fun!