Change is good!

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Change can be fun! Who doesn’t love a new hairstyle, new restaurant, a vacation to somewhere new? 

Yet sometimes change isn’t so great - such as moving and leaving friends behind or going on a new diet. And even worse is when change happens “to us”  - being fired or a loved one passes away.

Yet change is always happening. We are creating and manifesting change all the time with our intentions and thoughts. We may not be conscious of it; yet we are. We really are the inventors of our lives, as cliche as that sometimes sounds. Ever woke up in a bad mood? How did the rest of your day go? Or the opposite? Didn't that day go much better?

Is there something you would like to change about your life? Bring into your future? Manifest it! All you need to do is to set your intention. We are so conditioned to think that we must work so hard for any and everything that we have, and yet the opposite is true. When we set an intention, the universe hears it and brings about the most amazing coincidences to make it happen. 

So let’s start! What better time of year than now?

Next week we will start with Mini-Manifesting - stay tuned!!