You can do anything. You can go anywhere!

I was flying; was it a dream? No, it couldn’t be; I could see the land below me and recognized my best friends’ house - beneath me now even though it was 2 blocks away from my house. I could feel air flying through my hair. If this was a dream, wouldn’t I wake up now, I thought. Instantaneously I was in my bedroom, laying on the bed, and felt as if I had fallen hard, down into my body.

I was 8 years old, and did not know about astral projection. If it was in a book at all, it wasn’t in my grade school library, where I was currently reading the Little House on the Prairie series. Somehow, though, I ‘knew’ that this was not something I could share with my family or friends. I just knew. So, I kept it all to myself, and each night I would ‘practice’ my new ‘skill’. I decided one night to just float around the house, not travel so far. I floated up to the ceiling, turned over, and floated through all the rooms of the house, seeing everything in each room.

astral travel pic 1 copy.jpg

It seemed like once my attention went to what I was doing, I would slam back into my body before the thought finished in my mind. It was fun to do! I would practice from time to time, especially if I wanted to travel at night; get out of my house and see things. I was 8 and believed I could do anything; go anywhere, and sometimes I did go places that I did not recognize from my neighborhood at all. It was an adventure, and as I grew up, other things became more important, so I stopped doing it as often. Now, after writing this, I believe that my 8 year old self knew something better than I know now. And that was: I could do anything. I could go anywhere!

And that is true for me, then it is also true for you!! 

You can do anything. You can go anywhere!