Tips for manifesting larger things.

Why does it seem as though the things we really want to manifest are so difficult and take forever - but the things we just don’t care about materialize instantly? Why do we get that wonderful parking spot; but not a new car to put it into?

I really do not believe that the Universe ‘gives’ us some things more easily than others, but that we are shaped by our limiting beliefs and attachments. I don’t know about you, but I am not attached to getting a perfect parking spot. Maybe some days I need that extra walk from the back of the lot!

The laws of creation are consistent, impersonal and immutable. They work the same all day, every day.  Our level of belief is pure with one creation, and not as pure and more attached with the other. We don’t have a lot of attachment for the “perfect parking spot”. There is a lot of attachment if we are working on a large manifestation, such as a new job, new partner, winning the lottery. Let’s look at some ways we can detach, and manifest some larger events and things in our lives.

1. Detach from the outcome. Use meditation and affirmations to help you release being attached to the outcome. If you are attached to the outcome, you are not in alignment vibrationally with your creation. This can feel like fear or anxiety. Make sure that you are at peace with whatever happens and be willing to receive your creation - as it is meant to be.

2. Be at peace with letting it go, too. If you are meant to receive this creation, so be it. But trust that if it is not meant for you, be at peace with that also. The Universe has a much larger view point of your life, all of those in it, and what is for the best. Know that all is well. This is different from the hopeless feeling of resignation. If you begin to feel negative or sad, use meditation and affirmations to help turn your feelings back over to peace.

3. Be willing to receive your manifestation. Receiving, when you are not used to it, can be just as hard as not receiving! Repeat to yourself that you are willing to have your desire fulfilled and have all that you want. You can use meditation, visualizations and affirmations about this to help you.

4. Remember to envision the big picture. Some of us just ask for vague things, such as “I want more money,” or “happier home life”. Meditate on what that would look like in your life; see it in your mind’s eye before you ask for it. Sometimes what we ask for is not what we may really want.

Another idea is to PAINT your manifestation in your mind’s eye; or better yet on a canvas! You don’t have to be a skilled artist; just ask for guidance from your guides, angels, whomever feels right for you, and begin to put down color and shapes. “See” your manifestation as it comes to life! Once done, put it up somewhere you can see it once or twice a day, and silently say to yourself; “That is what will be”. 

Much love to all of you!


Take the next step

Let’s Include a few more things...

Now that you have seen that you can manifest smaller things, you have the confidence to take the next step. It’s easy, but it’s a good idea is to be clear on exactly what, why, who wants it. Let’s begin with a few questions first!

1 - Ask yourself WHY. WHY are you seeking this? Are you trying to please someone else, or yourself? Is there a possibility that you are following someone else’s ideas of what you need, not your own? If you need to, take a minute and really think about WHY you want to manifest this. Your intentions must be clear, ethical and for the greater good. It just will not work otherwise.  

2 - Once you know why, then ask WHO. WHO is the voice that is asking? Is it really you or your parent, or your teenage self/child? Sometimes we hold onto old patterns and thoughts; such as “I want to be a doctor when I grow up”, when the reality becomes something very different as you get older. Take a minute and be sure that you are the WHO that is now doing the asking. 

3 - WHAT. Ask yourself WHAT are you really seeking, is it a soul mate, a new job, a more fulfilling career path? Your needs are always changing and evolving with time. Be sure that you are asking for something you need now, and can use for the future, not something from the past.

Let’s meditate about these 3 things this week, and next week we will work on your next steps! Stay tuned!


Change is good!

dreamstime_xxl_7499037 small.jpg

Change can be fun! Who doesn’t love a new hairstyle, new restaurant, a vacation to somewhere new? 

Yet sometimes change isn’t so great - such as moving and leaving friends behind or going on a new diet. And even worse is when change happens “to us”  - being fired or a loved one passes away.

Yet change is always happening. We are creating and manifesting change all the time with our intentions and thoughts. We may not be conscious of it; yet we are. We really are the inventors of our lives, as cliche as that sometimes sounds. Ever woke up in a bad mood? How did the rest of your day go? Or the opposite? Didn't that day go much better?

Is there something you would like to change about your life? Bring into your future? Manifest it! All you need to do is to set your intention. We are so conditioned to think that we must work so hard for any and everything that we have, and yet the opposite is true. When we set an intention, the universe hears it and brings about the most amazing coincidences to make it happen. 

So let’s start! What better time of year than now?

Next week we will start with Mini-Manifesting - stay tuned!!

You can do anything. You can go anywhere!

I was flying; was it a dream? No, it couldn’t be; I could see the land below me and recognized my best friends’ house - beneath me now even though it was 2 blocks away from my house. I could feel air flying through my hair. If this was a dream, wouldn’t I wake up now, I thought. Instantaneously I was in my bedroom, laying on the bed, and felt as if I had fallen hard, down into my body.

I was 8 years old, and did not know about astral projection. If it was in a book at all, it wasn’t in my grade school library, where I was currently reading the Little House on the Prairie series. Somehow, though, I ‘knew’ that this was not something I could share with my family or friends. I just knew. So, I kept it all to myself, and each night I would ‘practice’ my new ‘skill’. I decided one night to just float around the house, not travel so far. I floated up to the ceiling, turned over, and floated through all the rooms of the house, seeing everything in each room.

astral travel pic 1 copy.jpg

It seemed like once my attention went to what I was doing, I would slam back into my body before the thought finished in my mind. It was fun to do! I would practice from time to time, especially if I wanted to travel at night; get out of my house and see things. I was 8 and believed I could do anything; go anywhere, and sometimes I did go places that I did not recognize from my neighborhood at all. It was an adventure, and as I grew up, other things became more important, so I stopped doing it as often. Now, after writing this, I believe that my 8 year old self knew something better than I know now. And that was: I could do anything. I could go anywhere!

And that is true for me, then it is also true for you!! 

You can do anything. You can go anywhere!

What if The Bottom Falls Out?

I am currently washing all our dishes by hand….everyday….

Why? Because I am procrastinating buying a new dishwasher. It’s hard to admit that, too. We can afford a dishwasher… I just don’t want to spend the money. What if something happens and we don’t receive a paycheck? What if the car breaks down? What if the bank makes a mistake on our account? What if the “Bottom Falls Out”?

Sometimes I feel like I am juggling so many things that if I drop one thing the “Bottom Will Fall Out” — and everything will just stop. What if my candidate does not win tomorrow’s election? Maybe a lot of you can understand this feeling: that the Bottom Will Fall Out if your candidate loses!

I rinse and stack the dishes each evening. I use a Mason Jar glass to put the silverware in, and add water so it soaks overnight. This morning I filled the sink with soapy water, washed the plates and glasses, and reached for the Mason Jar of soaking silverware  As I picked it up to move it to the sink, the bottom of the Mason jar completely fell out, as if it was cleanly cut, all the silverware fell into the sink with the round bottom of the glass, and I was left holding a hollow cylinder!

The bottom had just fallen out: literally.

And you know what? I was fine. Nothing changed; I just drained the sink, found the round glass bottom, threw it away and kept on washing dishes.

My message for today from my guides? Stop worrying! Even if the "Bottom Falls Out”, everything will still be okay. Life will keep moving on, as it always does and always has....