Readings delivered artistically.

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I have been painting since I was 3 years old, and have always loved it. I offer readings by drawing pictures and symbols I receive while I draw.  Messages come through for you through the art. You will be able to take home your final art to keep and mediate upon.

I am also a professional artist, and exhibit realistic oil paintings in several galleries in North and South Carolina.

Contact me to see how you can receive an original piece of art. Take it with you to put up, meditate on and receive more insight. 


Show Rate (in person)
includes 9 x 12 canvas & messaging. (15 min)

Individual Readings
$70 (by appointment)
includes in person appointment, 9 x 12
painting (20 min)

$75 (long distance)
includes 9 x 12
painting, phone follow up messages, mail delivery.

Are you at a crossroads?

Here is an illustration that will allow you more insight so you can create the outcome(s) you desire. It's free for you!

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...loved it!....

“My art reading answered several questions that I had, and also helped me feel closer to my mother.”

— Trish A.

I have a reminder to frame!

“I loved my reading and art. I took it home, and have used it to meditate with, which has helped me with other questions.”

— Vicky .S.

Highly recommend Melinda.

“Melinda gave me a reading with so much insight, and also brought in more information about someone I needed to know. I highly recommend Melinda.”

— Ed .R.



Your art message is waiting to be painted for you.

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